My name is Bob Gits and I am the owner of GitsSmart Technology and Educational Resources for Children. My wife, Gwen, and I have three lovely children; Jamie, Alyssa and Makenzie.

We began this business in 1994 and have had a great time learning more about children and the child care world. I have taught and coached children for many years and have always appreciated their honesty and openness to learning. We have learned that children love to work on the computer and they enjoy learning how to use it correctly.   It is evident by the many smiles we see. This is why we continue to work so hard to give students all the skills they need to be successful in school.  SmartTech Curriculum is the next step in assisting child care programs and family child care providers to providing their students with the technology skills they will need going forward. We are very proud of SmartTech Curriculum and we know it will help your program take the next step.