In 1994 Bob and Gwen Gits established GitsSmart, Inc. to provide a high quality technology education program for preschool and kindergarten aged children. It became evident at that time parents desired more from their child care centers in regards to computer education, which is why GitsSmart Technology Education for Children was developed. Over the years, we have seen our technology change in the form of equipment (instead of hauling full size desktop computers out to centers we now have laptops), software (from loading programs on to hard drives off of floppy disks we now have compact discs an apps.), as well as the operating system (from DOS to Windows 8 – or whatever the newest version is today).  Our curriculum has also gone through many changes: for example, in the early years the use of the mouse was not taught until class 4 or 5 as most of the software used the keyboard to control the game. We have also incorporated other technologies like web cameras, microphones and digital cameras into our lessons.  Through-out all of these technology and curriculum changes our teacher lead classes remained small (six students per class), and gave students hands on experiences.


In 2013 we began to change our business model from a GitsSmart Teacher lead class to an embedded, curriculum based company.  GitsSmart has always been working toward helping young students learn about technology in a fun, active, learning environment, but we struggled reaching all of the students due to a number of factors.  So in early 2013 we set out to design and create a new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) based curriculum that center based classroom teachers and family child care providers could teach within their own classroom environment: SmartTech Curriculum.  So, after 18 years parents still expect more from their child care program and SmartTech Curriculum is the next step in preschool education. Lifelong Learning stars with GitsSmart.